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It may be that you are visiting this website because you have a new equine business and you are looking at ways to promote it. You have come to the right place! Understanding the importance of presenting your business in a professional and attractive way is a starter. Understanding that social media and a website address play a big role in getting your message out to the masses is the game changer. More than anything, you want to succeed!<more>

You have embarked on a lifelong dream of a career as a horse trainer. Teaching others how to partner with their horses and how to get the most enjoyment from them is a passion you share with those involved in equestrian sports. Understanding that passion alone is not enough to achieve success; you are willing to put in the long hours that come with the responsibility of watching over the horses entrusted to your care. It takes a lot of effort to keep your dreams alive.   

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 400,000 new businesses are being created annually but 470,000 are closing. You do not want to be counted in the number of new businesses that fail. Number 1 among them: researchers found that the top reason businesses close their doors are due to financing and lack of profitability. Many haven’t priced their services properly or may have cash flow problems. Sometimes this stems from simply not invoicing promptly.

Hopefully, you developed a business plan when you were in the startup stages and you have the financial resources to back your venture. Being a talented trainer, for example, doesn’t always include being a talented money manager. This task may be done by a trusted party with the oversight of your accountant. Delegate what you can to free up your time. The important thing is to not neglect good business practices. You don’t want to become a statistic.

Use all the tools available to you to promote your horse business. Allocate your time so that you do what is most profitable.  Marketing is a high priority for growth and success.  “Harness the Power of the Web” with an equine website design by HorseSites-Online. Does your business plan include a budget for marketing?  What has been the most effective means of advertising for you?  What has proven to be the most effective way to gain new clients?  Develop a strategy – have a plan and work it!

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