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For years you have been dreaming about owning your own horse business, imagining the type of facility, how many stalls, how many acres, even laying out the ideal site plan and designing your tack room!  How do you begin to turn those dreams into reality?

There is a wealth of information available on the topic of starting a business and specifically a horse business. Actually, a good place to begin your research is by logging onto the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website  There is a wealth of info there that’s included in their outline of “10 Steps to Starting a Business”.

Chief among the steps outlined is:

  • advice on how to create a business plan
  •  advice on choosing a business location
  •  determining the best legal structure and
  •  understanding employer responsibilities.

There are many good reasons why your business should be set up as a corporation or an LLC. Most important is the protection it provides by shielding the members, officers or shareholders from personal liability in a variety of situations. Incorporating is not a difficult procedure and can be accomplished for you by an attorney well versed in corporate law.

You will also want to have your liability insurance in effect before the first customer, prospect or guest sets foot on the property. Do not neglect having your release of liability (hold harmless) agreement ready to be signed. If you have employees, familiarize yourself with your state’s worker’s compensation/employer liability laws. And do know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor.  Have a boarding/training contract that outlines the services you will provide. Have a set of barn rules ready to display and be sure to post the Warning signs mandated by many of the states that have enacted equine limited liability laws. 

Let us not forget to mention the importance of familiarizing yourself with the Internal Revenue Service checklists/topics for small businesses (notably record keeping requirements).

Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong marketing plan. Announce your grand opening with print advertising, feature articles; distribute flyers everywhere you are permitted to and make the most of getting the word out through social media.  Launch your new equine business website with the design help of HorseSites-Online,   

 It takes talent, experience, passion and dedication, along with the all important financial resources, when riding the path to success.  Are you ready to follow your dreams? 

Will you share your advice and start up experience to help others?    

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